Sinclair Lewis

Quick Facts

  • Born February 7th, 1885 in Sauk Centre, MN
  • Died January 10th, 1951 in Rome, Italy
  • Ran away from home to join the Spanish-American War as a drummer boy at age 13
  • Briefly considered devoting his life to religion
  • Graduated from Yale University in 1908
  • Held several menial jobs while honing his writing skills
  • Published 24 novels, a few plays, and numerous short stories during his lifetime
  • Famously declined the Pulitzer Prize for Arrowsmith in 1926
  • Awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in 1930 "for his vigorous and graphic art of description and his ability to create, with wit and humour, new types of characters".
  • Lived at Thorvale Farm in Williamstown, MA from 1947-1951
  • Avid movie buff









"It came to him merely to run away was folly, because he could never run away from himself."

Sinclair Lewis - Babbitt